Joseffa, live twice

100% circular nightwear for women

Joseffa makes unique nightwear for women. What makes this nightwear so unique? The collection is produced circularly from preloved men's shirts!

Men's shirts are a great source of fine quality cotton in soft and delicate colours and patterns. At Joseffa, they saw that preloved shirts often came to an end after the collar of the shirt started to look used. In most of these cases, more than 90% of the textile surface is currently still in perfect condition. At Joseffa, these shirts are collected, sorted, washed and selected. The result is soft, trendy and unique nightwear.

Besides upcycling shirts that would otherwise end up in landfills, no less than 5,000 litres of clean water are saved per shirt processed! And you too can be part of this cycle. In collaboration with CiLAB, a test project is underway with circular product passports that provide consumers, retailers and recyclers with information on things like size, care instructions but also the ecological impact of the garments and how to recycle them correctly. In this way, besides being 100% circular and transparent, Joseffa remains reprocessable into many subsequent life cycles.

Upcycling is the "greenest & cleanest" way to make a new textile product.  This is why at Joseffa we put a lot of thought and energy into developing circular cutting and manufacturing processes to make the path to circular fashion accessible to all.

Circular Forever!

Joseffa’s Circular Nightwear

Partners CiLAB Collective