Smart Solutions for Sustainable Construction

Imperfect (waste) materials are often just as valuable and functional as new raw materials and cost a fraction of the financial and environmental value. By being part of the Imperfect ecosystem, you are not only part of a solution, but you are also making a responsible choice that benefits you and the planet. Because a sustainable future is Imperfect.

Imperfect, the online platform by Elahi and Moujan Mahdian is committed to efficient inventory and management of imperfect materials. By reusing materials and managing waste in a smart way, the search for new materials and the processing of surplus materials can be significantly shortened. That means (construction) projects can move forward faster and reduce the amount of administration.

Choosing reusable materials is increasingly becoming a must. This becomes clear when the impact of recycled materials is monitored. This is why Imperfect is introducing an Online Inventory tool designed specifically for the circular construction industry. On this platform, construction contractors can track their inventory in real-time, while B2B interaction is made easier.

The inventory tool is seamlessly connected to a personalized Marketplace that simplifies information sharing with other users.