A waste collection partnership with a circular edge

ILvA stands for the Intermunicipal Environmental Cooperation Land of Aalst. In this partnership, 15 cities and municipalities joined forces to collect household waste at home and organise the operation of 15 recycling parks together. Everything was coordinated between the cities and municipalities, such as collection method, sorting rules and tariffs.

The waste intercommunal ensured that a professional, sustainable and customer-friendly policy could be set up. It works together with schools, associations and of course residents, not only for waste collection itself, but also for informing residents, keeping recycling parks open and keeping cost prices under control.

ILvA is also responsible for collecting green waste and organic waste. In 2022, they collected no less than 71 kg of organic waste and 19 kg of green waste per inhabitant. An impressive amount when you know that the catchment area has 354,887 inhabitants. ILvA will take this collected GFT and green waste and process it into compost, which will then be offered again to the residents of the 15 cities and towns.

Photo: Unsplash/Markus Spiske