Elevating Office Hydration

Hydrofix's dispensers bring delicious, healthy tap water to the office. The options are extensive: tap your water flat or sparkling, cold or hot, and with or without flavour. And all without any additional waste.

Drinking enough water is important, but people quickly reach for (reusable) bottles because they are cold, contain sparkling water or even a flavoured water. Hydrofix ensures that companies no longer have to buy bottles for flavoured (sparkling) water either. The smart, compact water dispensers boost employees' drinking consumption by offering more choice, variety and convenience than anyone else on the market. And at a lower price than a cup of coffee. The dispensers' sleek design also fits into any office.

The water from Hydrofix dispensers tastes better thanks to the added flavour, but that doesn't mean that sugars and calories were added either. This keeps drinking water healthy and responsible. All flavourings are made from natural raw materials.