Second Life for Construction Materials

HuisMus recovers building materials from demolition work and gives them a second life in new constructions. To this end, the company is always looking for reusable materials and people with sustainable (re)construction plans.

The construction sector still uses new materials too often, while the 'waste' from demolition work is perfectly reusable. There are still many questions about the profitability and attractiveness of the material used. HuisMus, an ecological construction company from the Ghent region, recovers these demolition materials and gives them a second life in the carpentry and joinery of new constructions. This ranges from the timber frame to the roof construction and from the shell to the finishing.

The company works closely with the customer and the possibilities are very flexible. Moreover, Nicolas Meersschaut and his team know everything about the origin and quality of the materials they use because they take care of the entire process: from demolition and storage, to processing and reusing the materials. Anything they do not reuse themselves in their constructions, they sell through 

To carry out the projects, HuisMus cooperates with tailor-made companies and OCMW to provide workplaces for people distanced from the labour market. HuisMus also offers internships for VDAB and secondary schools. In this way, Nicolas and his team want to get more professionals interested in a job in circular construction projects.

At the moment HuisMus is still looking for architects, companies and private individuals who can offer reusable materials and for people with (re)construction plans involving recycled materials.


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