How art contributes to sustainable cross-pollination

Positive impact of sustainable and creative ideas

Through her art installations, Stephanie Plas of Stuifmeel aims to make citizens and businesses aware of the positive impact that sustainable and creative ideas have.

Her best-known project to date is the redevelopment of Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat, better known as project LOV. Waste streams from local businesses were given a second life as benches in this collective, artistic and social street project.

Stephanie's drive is clear. As people and as companies, we should design for both people and nature, because the two are inseparable. She believes this is the power of art: connecting and broadening ways of thinking. She likes to work together with companies, creating a cross-pollination between her creativity and their knowledge.

In her view, a circular economy is a thriving economy, with companies using the sustainability of nature as a model of inspiration. So they become organisations with a strong vision, in which connection and creativity are central. And making them very agile.

Stephanie enthusiastically looks ahead to new projects and collaborations, such as design commissions, transformative workshops and art residencies.