Horse-powered nutrient cycle

Treatment of horse manure right on the horse farm

Horse manure is a valuable product with nutrients and a lot of organic material. Although a small part of it is used for mushroom cultivation, 90% of Flemish horse manure is not processed. In the meantime, many horse pastures in Flanders are in poor condition; the soil is impoverished and the organic matter content is low. So it's time to close this cycle! That is why we are joining forces with a few partners.

With this project we want to test a small-scale (horse) manure treatment on the site of the horse husbandry itself. We will compare existing best techniques for manure processing with alternatives that may be feasible. Feasible in terms of technology, regulations, (ecological) quality and affordability.

The project will weigh different scenarios (e.g. different scales and techniques) against each other. Dissemination will ensure a wide dissemination of the results and conclusions, so that the horse sector can benefit from this research.

United Experts / DLV

Partners Quality Stud, bvba Nathalie Awouters (Stoeterij de Lindehoeve), DLV, Yoki, IMALA, Universiteit Gent, Vzw PaardenPunt Vlaanderen, Vlaco vzw