“Grensland” is Circular

Ambitious, comprehensive approach for an (even more) circular industrial site

Companies need to do a better job of sorting waste for legal reasons and for a more sustainable world: 50% of residual waste containers contain recyclable material. This project tests an ambitious, comprehensive approach to better management of materials and waste at the Grensland Menen-Wervik industrial park.

We will first take stock of the raw materials and waste streams at participating SMEs and consult with private collectors, processors and upcycling companies. With this inventory, we will determine which material flows we can collect, how best to collect them, and what their high-quality destination as a raw material for other companies will be. We will also calculate a financial model for this. At the same time, companies will be given tips to limit production losses and to make purchasing policy circular.

Communication and community management will have a prominent place in this project. We have to ensure the enthusiastic participation of SMEs, their employees and our partners (companies that deliver custom work, local authorities, schools, etc.), and keep them involved in the progress.

During the project, we will also examine how the work can be continued in a definitive structure.

Platform Grensland Menen Wervik

Partners 3PT Consult, Stadsbestuur Menen, Stadsbestuur Wervik, MIROM - Menen