Insulation blankets made of grass and jute

Gramitherm® is an insulation panel made of natural Flemish grass fibres. It can be used as insulation under the roof, under the floor and in walls. Gramitherm® is a 100% Belgian product and has been awarded the "Produit Bio-sourced" label.

Gramitherm® is the name of insulation panels made from natural grass fibres. This new insulation technology offers optimal protection against cold and hot temperatures, is fireproof, has good sound absorption, does not attract vermin and moulds and can be used in various ways. Installation is easy too: you don't need to be a professional to use Gramitherm® in your home.

Classic insulation is made of polluting materials and is often not good for your health or the environment. Therefore Gramitherm® offers a better alternative. With patented Swiss technology, insulation boards based on natural grass fibres could be designed. They are made from a safe, environmentally friendly raw material that does not attract pests or moulds thanks to the refining process used to extract grass fibres from fresh grass. Moreover, the panels are fireproof (added minerals) and absorb excess moisture, which they release just as easily when the air becomes too dry.

Approximately 200 m³ of Gramitherm® is produced from one hectare of grassland. From this grass, the digestible substances are separated so that they can be used as animal feed or as a basis for the production of biogas. The panels have no negative effect on health or the environment. Moreover, no waste is created during production and the grass absorbs more CO2 during its growth than is emitted during production. Gramitherm® has made a life cycle analysis, and thus they can confirm that 1kg of Gramitherm® will absorb 1.5 kg of CO2.