Your solution for reusable cups and food packaging

Goodless rents reusable cups and food packaging to events, takes care of all the logistics and guarantees optimum hygiene. They do this through their SmartCups and SmartBins through which the payer of the cup/package gets back the deposit paid and can leave it in a vending machine that handles the refund without third party intervention.

Goodless from Deinze specializes in the full service of reusable cups. Full service also means that the company takes care of the logistics from beginning to end: from delivery and collection to washing up afterwards. Since last summer Goodless has merged with Durafest in order to further expand its ecological activities and help build a zero waste future.

From its inception, Goodless' mission has been to make reusable accessible to every organization and keep the experience as simple as possible for the end user. That's why the company not only provides reusable cups and food packaging, but also the technology and tools necessary to efficiently deploy reusable within any organization. No matter how small or large it may be. Organizing an ecologically responsible event becomes easier.

Goodless continues to innovate and thus brought, among other things, SmartCups on the market: this smart cup, made of polypropylene is equipped with a chip that simplifies the payment process. With each payment, the SmartCup is linked to the user's personal account. When the cup is empty and deposited in the SmartBin, the consumer automatically receives his credit back.

Thanks to high-quality materials, Goodless ensures that the cups and food packs are reusable as often as possible. After that life cycle, they also recycle the cups and packs into other high-quality applications. Goodless cleans all the material itself to ensure optimum hygiene and to become more ecological by recovering water. Once the cups and food packs are stacked for the next event, the boxes are sealed.

Since this summer, Goodless has merged with Durafest, another company in Dendermonde that works in the same way and with the same goals. Together they form Goodless Smartgroup. Thanks to this collaboration, both companies can further expand their services around sustainable total solutions of reusable cups and food packaging for festivals, events, catering and businesses. Goodless is working behind the scenes on new applications and innovations, and both companies are working together on an international rollout.

Partners Westmalle, Lipton, nationale loterij, Stu Bru, Hello Bank, KSA, KLJ, B Better, unilever, Pepsi, Duvel en Liefmans