From living organism to material

GLIMPS is a design studio that applies bio-manufacturing to make sustainable products and experiences. Bio-manufacturing involves producing objects, materials and concepts based on organic materials and processes.

The ultimate mission of GLIMPS is to guide society towards a production era in which our items are formed by organisms. GLIMPS’ products are often based on waste flows and are usually compostable. GLIMPS tells stories, by developing unique product concepts or creating experiences for people. They often build installations for exhibitions that make the circular economy tangible.

Examples of their work: Lumifungi, a lamp made of mould that is grown on coffee grounds, a changing room where you can experience the post-fossil city of 2050, an exhibition stand with algae paint, vegetarian leather, etc.

GLIMPS believes in collaboration for sustainability. The problem of toxic products and materials is so vast and widespread that everyone has to be part of the solution. That is why GLIMPS is a co-operative in which anyone can invest and connect with.