Food loss scan

Towards a food industry that uniformly measures reductions in food waste

According to the Food Loss Monitor (2015), 225,481 tonnes per year are lost in the processing industry. Flanders set a target to reduce this by 30% by 2025 (SDGs). 

Measuring and monitoring food loss is an essential lever. Measuring enables a company to take action itself because internally the business case is made and bottlenecks become clear. Pioneering food companies like alpro (e.g. -28% vv vs 2018), other sectors (e.g. mass caterers) and examples from abroad (UK, Netherlands) show this. However, to make food loss measurement a common practice, a standard methodology and guidance is lacking.

FoodWIN, Flanders Food, ILVO and TGTG will therefore develop a standard measurement method for food loss, test it in 8 Flemish food companies and convert it into an online tool that at least 100 companies can use by 2026.

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