Facing bricks as blocks that click together

Facadeclick is a dry building system involving facing bricks which click together to form blocks. The Facadeclick system uses no adhesives or mortar, but has innovative connecting parts to join facing bricks. The facing bricks are completely recyclable as a result, after their first, second, third or fourth incarnation.

The Facadeclick system works without adhesives or mortar. It uses innovative connection pieces that connect the facing bricks with a simple click. The result is a 3mm joint and a beautiful, smooth façade. The patented components and the simple building process guarantee flawless execution. With Facadeclick, façades become a temporary, circular storage point for building materials.

Additional benefit: there's no problem with efflorescence or blooms

You've almost certainly seen it: ugly white patches on a façade caused by salt residues after building moisture has evaporated. No matter how well the contractor does his job, efflorescence cannot always be prevented and sometimes needs a great deal of after-care. With Facadeclick, this issue becomes a thing of the past because it’s a dry building system.