ERTS Cycles

Reuse and artisanal restoration of abandoned bicycles in Antwerp

In Antwerp alone, thousands of bicycles are abandoned every year. ERTS Cycles recovers these discarded bikes and rebuilds them into a contemporary, artisan bicycle. In this way, they combine the quality of classic models with components according to contemporary standards.

The frames of craft bikes are often of better quality than those of modern bikes. That is why ERTS uses those authentic frames of discarded bikes, made between 1970 and 1990, as the basis of modern versions, but with the quality of then. Each bike is finished with contemporary components, allowing ERTS to offer the quality of a completely new bike. By working with a fixed set of components, the bikes are also uniformly repairable.

These refurbished frames meet all norms and standards, so they can even fall into the "better than new" category. To dismantle, check, adjust, sandblast and repaint them, ERTS works together with De Sprong vzw, a tailor-made company for professionals distanced from the labour market.

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ERTS Cycles

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