Healthy has never been so easy

eFarmz makes the search for local, artisanal products easier by delivering them to your home. Thanks to close cooperation with small-scale producers, freshness is also guaranteed.

eFarmz works with 200 Belgian producers, where products are selected based on three criteria. First, everything must be locally produced. Preferably in Belgium and otherwise in neighbouring countries. The production process must also be artisanal and small-scale, with respect for living creatures. Finally, the taste must also be optimal: you taste the difference from supermarket products. eFarmz is B Corp certified thanks to their high requirements for social standards and environmental performance, legal responsibility and transparency.

What can you choose from? A first option are the organic and local meal boxes. These contain all the ingredients and recipes you need for three to five healthy, balanced organic meals. Another option are the organic and local baskets. In these, you will discover new local vegetables, fruit or soup every week. If you choose specific organic, local products, you can also order them separately. As products are only ordered from the producer just before delivery, optimal freshness is guaranteed.

With the subscription, you will receive your products of choice every week with discounted delivery charges. You will receive your order at home or pick it up at a collection point. To minimise the ecological footprint of delivery, eFarmz uses eco-friendly vehicles such as bicycles. They also take back egg cartons and crates for reuse.

By choosing local products, eFarmz supports the local economy. At the same time, they also do so by partnering with a tailoring company, where products and ingredients are packaged in smaller quantities.