Domus Mundi vzw

Enabling affordable renovation thanks to reuse of building materials in a B2B context

Recovering demolition material to make something "new" with it. On a do-it-yourself level, it already happens regularly. Domus Mundi vzw would like to extend this private reuse of building materials to non-do-it-yourselfers and professional actors in the construction industry. And this, thanks to the elaboration of a customized service.

In our entire society there is a growing awareness of sustainability. As a result, the interest in circular construction is also increasing. And actually all the elements for this are present:
- customized construction companies and circularly aware contractors/entrepreneurs are in demand for contracts;
- more and more people are, from ecological and/or economic motives, open to renovate with recycled materials;
- there is a large availability of existing building materials.

Hub between three parties
By working out a new kind of service, which is situated in the middle of the triangle of client/building owner - contractor/executor - suppliers of used building materials, Domus Mundi wants to be a facilitator between these three parties. In this way, it wants to unburden the clients/builders by offering them contractors/implementers who want to start working with recycled materials. And it wants to relieve contractors by making recycled materials available, without them having to go looking for it themselves.

Crucial in the whole project is that Domus Mundi develops a good relationship with the suppliers of used building materials. That is why the non-profit organization strives, for example, to simplify the logistics and to purchase larger volumes so that there are clear economies of scale and efficiency gains.

It is possible!
Obviously, nobody wants to pay more for a renovation with reused materials. With its project, Domus Mundi therefore focuses mainly on building materials for which the purchase price/installation price ratio is high. Think of kitchens, radiators and plumbing. By cooperating with tailor-made companies and (social) entrepreneurs/contractors who have an eye for target groups with limited financial means, the budget can be kept under control.

Domus Mundi has already carried out a number of renovations in a cost-saving manner. They are the proof that cheaper renovations with reuse of certain building materials are really possible.