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Meals delivered in reusable packaging

The first real Deliveround experiment is taking place in Hasselt, with the roll-out of reusable packaging for meal delivery. More and more consumers are using smart apps to book meals from hundreds of restaurants, that deliver those meals in disposable packaging.

Some entrepreneurs are now switching to bio-based and environmentally disposable packaging as a response to the increasingly negative image that plastic enjoys. These developments could reduce the environmental footprint of packaging and improve the collection and processing of raw materials, but there has not yet been a real shift towards a circular economy in which raw materials are reused as much as possible.

This project aims to develop reusable packaging for meal delivery combined with a smart logistics system to reuse the packaging. The meal delivery service Deliveroo is a key player in this framework, because its app connects consumers to restaurants. The system that will be developed during the project will be launched and tested in Hasselt, where consumers will be able to choose disposable packaging for the meals delivered at their door.

The project aims to turn this experience into a business case on reusable packaging for meal delivery. The questions to be tackled in this research are how an efficient and competitive system can be set up for reusable packaging in the current economic and social context, and whether anything needs to change in that context for this project to become a success.

Recycling Netwerk Benelux

Partners Deliveroo, Stad Hasselt