De Neef Chemical Processing

De Neef Chemical Processing recovers, regenerates and purifies solvents and other technical fluids at its Heist-op-den-Berg and Kallo sites.

In the industrial world, solvents are crucial for the production of many products because of their intermediary role. Usually, saturated solvents are mainly incinerated after use by waste processing companies. De Neef Chemical Processing (DNCP) has been active in recovering these waste streams for more than 25 years and can put those used solvents back on the market at the same quality as virgin solvents. This makes DNCP a circular solution for industrial industries mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

DNCP believes in the sustainable use of products and this is only possible if they have a closed life cycle. It is therefore DNCP's goal to put chemical products, mainly solvents, back on the market with a guarantee of quality retention. To achieve that goal, DNCP has been investing in people, knowledge and technology to meet market demand for over 25 years. The company works directly with industrial producers or waste processing companies to recover, regenerate and purify solvents and other technical fluids.

How exactly does this purification work? It is done through the various distillation techniques available to DNCP to make the liquids circular in a continuous or batch process. DNCP has two production sites in Heist-op-den-Berg and Kallo, where there are 13 distillation columns with an annual capacity of more than 25 000 m³.

This circular approach has several advantages. First of all, the cost of a recovered solvent is significantly lower and more stable than a virgin solvent. In addition, the supply chain cycle is also assured because there is almost always a supply, unless affected by external factors such as wars or the recent COVID-19. Finally, reclaiming solvents requires less energy, which has a positive impact on the industry's carbon footprint.

DNCP stands for excellence in purification and "It's a waste to waste your waste".

De Neef Chemical Processing