De Groeispurters

With a subscription to De Groeispurters, you rent a bike tailored to your child's needs.

Children grow like cabbage and regularly need a new bicycle. They then get a new bike that is a bit too big, so that it lasts longer, even though that can be quite dangerous. And what happens to the old bike? It often stays in the garage or goes to the container park.

The founders of De Groeispurters are themselves parents with children of different ages and know from experience that children's bikes never serve much more than two years. Before you know it you have a collection of too small bikes with all kinds of defects in the garage.

The growth spurters therefore offers a subscription for children's bikes: from four euros a month, parents can rent a bike. If the bike is too small, it is collected and they choose a larger model on the website. The small bike is then made whole again and rented for a lower price.

To help choose a new bike, the website explains very clearly the different sizes by age: the mini bikes are for children from 0 to 4 years old and the maxi bikes go from 5 to 14 years old. There is also a special category for the daredevils from 6 to 14 years. With the help of pictures and descriptions, parents learn when it is time to purchase a larger size.

The lightweight bikes from The Growth Sprinters are of a quality brand and will last for years. So they are ideal for rental. The bikes are delivered to your home at a time of your choosing parents can also easily stop their subscription whenever they want.