Revolution in carbon emissions

Climate technology company D-CRBN can defuse industrial gases thanks to plasma technology. The company does this by using a plasma reactor to convert CO2 into carbon monoxide, which serves as new raw materials for the petrochemical and steel industries.

In their search for a solution to large-scale CO2 emissions, D-CRBN's founders developed a system that converts CO2 into molecules that have a positive impact on the environment or can be reused in another way, namely carbon monoxide. The technology used by Gill, Georgi and David not only has a positive impact on the climate, but is about 30% more energy-efficient than other technologies. It is also half the cost of the plant and converts a harmful substance that has no value into valuable elements. To make the technology even more carbon-neutral, it runs on green energy.

The plant is located in UAntwerpen's Blue App building on the Blue Gate site, where it will be able to process about 1,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. This is converted into CO and oxygen which in turn serves to produce other chemicals.

VLAIO contributed to a flying start for D-CRBN thanks to innovative start-up support. A VLAIO ICON project brought the company together with industrial partners such as ArcelorMittal, Engie, Vopak and BASF, providing additional support.

D-CRBN's ambition is to scale up to a European project, recycling around 10 000 tonnes of captured CO2 into new, green building blocks every year. The same could be done with methane or nitrogen from stack gases.