Cup of Swam

Queen of the circular kitchen

At Kopje Zwam, they sing along at the top of their lungs to 'We Are the Champi(gn)ons' when Queen comes on the radio. It's the perfect anthem for anyone in their circular kitchen transforming everyday coffee grounds into culinary delights. Coffee grounds are the forgotten champion that form the basis of the protein- and fiber-rich food they make. The mushrooms are the true champions of the urban agriculture revolution in Bruges.

As a unique circular enterprise, Kopje Zwam creates social employment and inspires other central cities with their sustainable model. Everything grows to the rhythm of 'Another One Bites the (Coffee) Dust' – from the exquisite oyster mushrooms to the sparkling microgreens. With … a minimal CO2 footprint and a maximum flavor explosion.

The vegan mushroom burgers and tasty snacks are the headliners on sustainable menus in a growing number of restaurants. You can also order them in the webshop. Or you can book the Kopje Zwam catering team that comes to prepare them with perfect cuisson during your event. Want to learn how to prepare sustainable deliciousness like a chef yourself? Then follow one of their inspiring workshops.

Kopje Zwam is a member of the Bruges Food Lab. With additional support from the Flemish Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, they developed the oyster mushroom burger – a true protein champion. At, you can follow their journey to 'zero waste'. It is a continuous cycle in which they turn coffee grounds through growth and innovation into culinary champions. In this way, they cultivate a better future at Kopje Zwam. If that's not Freddie Mercurial!

Kopje Zwam

Partners Lokale horeca, organisaties, koffiebranderijen, Brugs Food Lab, Vlaams Departement voor Landbouw en Visserij