Re-usable materials warehouse for creative souls

Creazi is a warehouse for materials that can be reused aimed at anyone who works in the educational or cultural sector.

Creazi collects reusable materials from companies, artists, collectors and the recycling shop Kringwinkel Okazi. They are displayed in a warehouse, catalogued and offered to artists, creators, non-profit institutions and organisations, teachers and pupils.

Creazi works with a group of volunteers who collect the materials. Membership costs 10 euro a year. In exchange for this yearly fee, the members have access to free materials, but they need to show what the materials have been used for and at least once a year, they need to help in the warehouse or participate in the yearly exhibition.

Creazi has over 1,000 members and is one of the largest companies of its kind in Europe. At the moment, Creazi receives financial support from the City of Hasselt, but in the long term, it aims to become self-sufficient.