CLT-S is a Belgian construction company that specializes in ecological wooden structures.

CLT-S is a Belgian construction company that specializes in ecological wooden constructions. Both with the materials it uses and during the building process itself, the company tries to limit CO2 emissions as much as possible. Thanks to its many years of experience, CLT-S is the partner of choice to proactively shape ambitious circular projects. They apply their knowledge and skills in engineering as well as in production and installation.

CLT stands for "cross laminated timber. It is a solid wood construction material consisting of at least three cross-laminated and a maximum of nine layers of pine slats glued together (single layers). The slats have a thickness of 20 to 40 mm and a moisture content of 10 - 14%. They are glued and pressed together at right angles. Last but not least, the glue is not harmful to the environment and contains no formaldehyde. The panel that has now been formed can still be machined and cut in various ways, according to the customer's request.

For this project, CLT-S is working with the Finnish-Swedish concern Stora Enso. Although large quantities of wood are needed for the construction projects, Stora Enso ensures that in return they plant more trees than they cut down. The construction material is widely applicable and a sustainable alternative to traditional building materials such as concrete and steel.

CLT projects in Belgium
Commissioned by the Flemish Hockey League, Polo Architects together with CLT-S and Vanderstraeten are realizing a new training center for the Belgian Hockey Team. Construction began in 2021 in Antwerp. For this, 20 tons of CO2 were emitted during production and transport, but also 139 tons were captured. Moreover, with CLT it is perfectly possible to build several floors. In Belgium, for example, CLT-S erected the tallest CLT building in the world. It has no less than 11 floors.