Click brick

A breakthrough in circular brick architecture

The building industry is becoming increasingly circular and Wienerberger is happy to cooperate. Thanks to the ClickBrick system, the assembly and disassembly of facing bricks is simpler and bricks can be reused several times. As no mortar or glue is needed, raw material consumption is also limited.

After demolition, bricks get a second life as granulate for road construction or concrete, but Wienerberger sees other possibilities: reusing bricks as facing bricks. This is made possible thanks to ClickBrick's circular dry stacking system. That system ensures that facing bricks are easy to disassemble and reuse, because the flat-cut facing bricks are joined together with clips and the cavity anchors are also fixed into the brick with clips.

What makes ClickBrick so sustainable? The system is fully circular. All components are fully reusable, extending the life of the bricks. When demolished, all elements can be detached without damaging the rest of the building. Because only two types of material are needed, steel and ceramic, simple and high-quality recycling is possible at the end of the life span.

Aesthetics were also central to the design of the system. ClickBrick Pure hand-formed bricks are available in various colours and textures. Thanks to the horizontal mock joint, the end result resembles traditional facade brickwork.