Cleaning without waste

Probiotic revolution in cleaning for sustainable practices and 99% less disposable plastic packaging

The 'Cleaning without waste' project introduces packaging-free, probiotic maintenance products in healthcare. In doing so, the partners are combating plastic waste in the sector, while tackling unnecessary water consumption.

Hygiene is central in the healthcare sector. As such, there are legal standards for daily cleaning and that maintenance involves a lot of (plastic) waste. A residential care centre consumes about 660 kilograms of disposable plastic for cleaning rooms every year, and since Flanders has 826 WZC, the sector consumes about 545 160 kilograms of plastic every year.

To combat this plastic waste, the 'Cleaning without waste' project introduces probiotic maintenance products in the care sector. The tablets are distributed in reusable packaging so that no unnecessary waste is produced and transport is limited. A tablet is diluted in a reusable plastic water bottle or is pre-dosed to avoid overdosing.

Cleaning agent with probiotics leaves good bacteria on the surface, which ensure long-lasting cleaning. As a result, cleaning is needed less often and therefore water consumption is also reduced. The aim of the project: create 99% less disposable plastic packaging of maintenance products and extend the operation to the entire Flemish healthcare sector.

Probibel BV

Partners PFS Group NV, Armonea NV