Monitor the lifetime of all your ICT devices and save

In Belgium, more than 90% of companies buy all ICT devices themselves. CIRCULIFE helps those companies extend the life of all those smartphones, laptops and tablets through local repair and reuse. E-bikes, scooters, solar panels, inverters, medical devices, etc. can also be monitored thanks to CIRCULIFE.  CIRCULIFE maps those devices for companies or hospitals and follows them up proactively. This way, those organisations reduce their operational costs, work more efficiently and optimise their profits.

Virginie Versavel is founder and CEO of CIRCULIFE and a strong proponent of the slogan 'maximise profit, minimise waste'. She is convinced that, as a company, you can save up to 45% by being smart about your materials and sourcing them well locally or giving them follow-up lives.

Take smartphones, for example. Every year, 2.7 million devices are replaced in our country. Instead of buying new ones after their period of use, it is actually more financially interesting for companies to use those devices for longer thanks to local repairs. Selling or donating them locally by auction after their period of use. Or choosing locally refurbished second-hand appliances where possible. That is much more sustainable than exporting them cheaply or - worse - throwing them away.

CIRCULIFE wants to help companies with that switch and be the connecting factor between companies, manufacturers and local repairers. Because if companies use appliances 2 years longer, C02 emissions decrease by 30% and their sustainability increases. 

Talk about a win-win-win!

Virginie Versavel