Circular travel: the travel future we really want

The travel sector takes its first steps towards the circular economy

With this project, we aim to examine how the travel sector can evolve from a linear to a circular economy (CE). We note that the travel and tourism sector can still make a great deal of progress here. The impact is significant and will only increase: tourism will double to 1.8 billion passengers per year by 2030. In China alone, in the coming 20 years, there will be an additional 36,000 aircraft, and 136 new airports will be built.

Using an experimental research process, we want to examine with the partners in this project where the opportunities of circular entrepreneurship in the tourism sector lie. Together we want to learn to understand the larger CE framework in the tourism sector through research and an inspiration session. We want to discover new CE opportunities and models for the sector and examine how we can strengthen the current policy and strategy. We are going in search of specific actions with a hackathon. We will then start three experiments in the field. Finally, we will look at how we can bring about circular mindsets with travel guides and employees of Joker, Karavaan and ViaVia Tourism Academy (VVTA).

Route 2030

Partners Joker Toerisme, Via Via Tourism Academy, Karavaan vzw