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Circular tenders for school construction projects? Yes, we can!

Schools set the example

During the renovation of two buildings at a school campus, the project team became convinced of the benefits of circular construction. For each building, we will check what can remain, what can be reused either on site or in a different location, and what should be renovated. The idea is to try to avoid demolition and full reconstruction. The circular properties of this project are included in the construction specifications. Contractors are convinced to work in a circular manner and producers are sought who work in accordance with the circular principle.

First of all, the environmental pillars are analysed. An LCA (Lifecycle Analysis) is carried out to map out the environmental profile of a building across its entire lifecycle, which appears to be a targeted approach. However, simplified design tools like Totem are not ideal to analyse circular concepts and construction projects. A deeper and more extensive analysis is required, in which the possible consequences of various design proposals are analysed in a detailed manner. Both attributional LCAs (like Totem) and consequential LCAs will be used to generate solid information and to assess the different proposals The financial feasibility also needs to be evaluated. The ultimate goal is to improve the eco-profile without additional expenses in the long term, so with a realistic ROI. Bureau Bouwtechniek boasts a lot of experience in assessing actual construction costs, but is also an expert in condition assessments and multi-annual maintenance plans. All this know-how combined makes this the ideal player to compare the investments required for different renovation scenarios both short- and long-term.

Bureau Bouwtechniek

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