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Circular tendering for bicycle bridge at Berchem

Can it be done using sustainable materials? Can it be moved?

The city of Antwerp wants to find out whether it is possible to produce infrastructure work in a circular manner. They aim to apply the result to the construction of the bicycle bridge over the Ring Road.

The bicycle bridge will extend the proposed cycleway between Antwerp and Lier towards the city centre. Cyclists will then be able to take the bicycle bridge next to the current railway bridge over the Ring Road and Canal, and carry on riding easily and safely to the cycleway alongside the Canal or Antwerpen-Berchem station. Depending on the actual plans to cover Antwerp’s Ring Road, the planned bicycle bridge could end up at another location in the future.

Three pertinent questions:

  • How do we make the materials used and the building site as sustainable as possible?
  • How do we include this as an objective and measurable award criterion in the tendering process?
  • Can a bridge over the Ring Road be built so that it can be relocated, reallocated and/or dismantled in the future?

Stad Antwerpen

Partners Departement mobiliteit en openbare werken (Vlaamse Overheid), Provincie Antwerpen, Infrabel