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Circular stretch wrap

Circular pallet packaging

One of the most commonly used materials to package pallets is pallet stretch wrap. In Belgium, approximately 75,000 tonnes of this wrap are put on the market every year. To date, this wrap is fully produced using new materials. If we want to move towards a more circular economy, it is a must to use recycled materials in as many products as possible.

VAL-I-PAC was founded 20 years ago to ensure the statutory recycling targets for corporate packaging materials would be met. All the main business sectors were involved in its inception. Now they have joined forces with Rymoplast, Reynaers Aluminium, ECS and MIMA Films to develop high-quality sustainable and circular stretch wrap. All participating partners have experience working with foils and are aware of the conditions they should meet. Hasselt University is providing scientific support in the development of this new recycled stretch wrap. In the future, this local project could also be rolled out internationally.


Partners UHasselt (Onderzoeksgroep VerpakkingsCentrum/IMO-IMOMEC), Rymoplast, Reynaers Aluminium, ECS, MIMA Films