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Circular School Belgium

Circular start-ups share knowledge and skills

Circular School Belgium aims to bring together youngsters who want to embark on a circular journey, inspire them and share knowledge in their quest for circular projects. It is intended for both entrepreneurs and employees. Act4Change wants to provide a safe breeding ground for young pioneers who aim to contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society. We gather them, inspire them and give access to know-how and skills. There are quite a few initiatives focusing on the circular economy nowadays. However, we have noticed there is a lack of active training. Developing young potentials should be a priority.

Circular School Belgium is a project that consists of two weekend sessions and a follow-up process in which the participants come up with circular projects and prototypes, and try them out. In all of this, there is a strong focus on building networks and practising the skills needed in the circular economy. We offer a training programme to shape and support circular entrepreneurs. Unlike the existing social business incubators, like Climate-Kic Greenhouse in the Netherlands and Ipropeller, Act4Change takes care of the in-between phase, acting as a pre-business incubator with greater focus on ideation. The initiatives mentioned focus strongly on elaborating new business models This project is an addition to the bootcamp on circular entrepreneurship that Act4CHange helped set up. The innovation lies in the fact that entrepreneurs are linked to pre-entrepreneurs. They go through the process together and learn from their peers.

Within a very short timeframe, the participants benefit from genuine training in circular entrepreneurship. This means networking, learning and developing professional skills, and strengthening their competencies in sustainability and circular entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs develop concrete business models and hone their circular business operations.

In the long term, the participants broaden their knowledge on circular entrepreneurship and, more generally, on social and ecological sustainability. They are inspired and motivated to enter the world of circular entrepreneurship, or to introduce the concept within their existing businesses. The network formed as part of this project will remain active.