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Circular Revive urban neighbourhoods

The power of moss and circular demolition

This project aims to assess how the Revive urban neighbourhoods fit into the circular eco-system, or how they can become part of it by exploring the possibilities at site and neighbourhood level. Revive, Drees & Sommer and 300 Bomen voor elke Gentenaar are set to launch experiments in several locations in Belgium, and assess the scalability potential for other locations. We have made available the three Revive sites, which are currently in the preparation phase, for the immediate testing of new techniques, materials etc.

The sites in question are Saffrou in Oudenaarde, the Agfa site in Edegem, Komet in Mechelen and Cinoco in Brussel. It is impossible for this project to focus on the circular economy as a whole, which is why we have chosen the two themes we feel we can make the most progress in through our construction projects.

Research into the effect of moss on the air quality in the city An ongoing scientific study which includes forty moss measuring spots in Ghent and ten or so in Antwerp aims to analyse the air-purifying properties of moss. The research, led by Professor Roeland Samson – who is known for Airbezen and was involved in Curieuzeneuzen and Ademloos – aims to verify whether the fine leaf structure of moss helps capture fine dust.

A sustainable moss mat will be developed that can be used both on roofs and in vertical applications. This project has enormous potential. After all, many old roofs are not suited to carrying the weight of a green roof. These moss mats enable you to not only create a green roof, but also slow down rainwater drainage, provide thermal and acoustic insulation, and purify the air. The prototypes will be tested and monitored at the Revive locations.

In a separate project, we will work with a demolition follow-up plan and we will compare the possibilities for materials reuse either on site or elsewhere. We are working on a BATNEEC evaluation of the different options for materials reuse. Moreover, we will identify which materials can be reused and which new materials and assembly techniques we can apply in public spaces and in the first construction phase of 16 houses and 62 apartments.

Revive NV

Partners 300 Bomen voor elke Gentenaar, Drees & Sommer