Circular Prototyping

Everyone can start using biomaterials

In the circular economy, both biological and technological material flows are considered fundamental. However, the focus of design and engineering courses is mainly on technical materials. Moreover, there is still a prominent emphasis on design and technical challenges, and social opportunities are often not considered or are underused.

With our project, we want to do three things:

  1. set up a first Bio-FabLab in an educational institution;
  2. develop a new framework in which the next generation of industrial designers can be trained in the circular economy and become acquainted with biomaterials, thus fundamentally changing awareness;
  3. involve the consumer/citizen and provide insight into the origin, production and possible application of biomaterials in a hands-on manner. Based on the Zero Waste Lab model, in which plastic residual waste is converted into street furniture with robot 3D printing, we also want the production of biomaterials to be carried out by and for the residents of Kortrijk.

Follow this link to see some workhops.