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Circular home in Wilsele

The first circular home in Belgium will be built in Wilsele

‘Circulaire woning Wilsele’ will be the first circular home in the country. On a vacant plot at Aambeeldstraat in Wilsele, we want to close off two provisional façades with a removable construction that can be used for various functions and changing set-ups. This the first pilot project by WoonC, a wide, growing and ambitious network of researchers, companies, governments and civil society organisations that was launched in the autumn of 2017 and aims to analyse how circular construction and living can be made affordable once again.

We are getting a good insight into circular construction and in our latest meetings with clients we have always discussed the topic to assess to which extent they are open to the idea. We would like to include this as a clause in our contract, to move one step closer to a more circular economy. Our roadmap will become a live handbook. Moreover, we have set ourselves another challenge, i.e. to find out how we, as architects and engineers, can offer our services to clients within the circular economy.

On the one hand, this model project will serve to showcase our circular results, performance and experiences to a wider audience. On the other, it is the first case in which we are able to apply the theoretical side of our interim research process on a concrete building.

We expect that this project will allow us to develop a systematic approach based on the circular process. We would like to include the topic of circularity in our first meeting with clients, because it is a value we strongly believe in. Our agency has been known for its environmentally-friendly approach since day one, so now we are trying to find ways to enter the circular world. It is also very interesting to work with people from different backgrounds who contribute to the circular economy from their very own perspective. For now we need a crystal ball to get an insight into what every party is doing and when. Taking the time to work on a project like this one is a luxury. It quickly shows you what is possible and feasible, and it enables you to better assess what and who you are dealing with.

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