CircuLab Limburg

One big multidisciplinary business case that offers a lot of learning lessons

A new, multidisciplinary research collaboration is being developed at the science park in Diepenbeek. This research and valorization center aims to promote circular construction from different areas of expertise and a broad perspective. It will do so from a new circular building to be constructed at UHasselt's Diepenbeek Campus.

A learning and research track will be linked to the design and construction process. That will analyze circular building from legal, policy, economic and design and construction perspectives.
The ultimate goal? There are two. By considering the creation of the circular office building as one big multidisciplinary business case, the project partners want to draw lessons to fundamentally change the procurement landscape for circular construction.
In addition, based on their trajectory, they want to create a manual for circular construction. In it, they will identify the most common pain points and how they can be eliminated. In this way they hope to convince more clients and other construction actors to build in a circular way and to provide them with a clear roadmap to realize their project.

POM Limburg

Partners UHasselt, Confederatie Bouw Limburg