Circuit Antwerp

A circular playground for everyone who wants to live more sustainably

Circuit Antwerpen is an initiative of De Kringwinkel Antwerpen. In this circular playground you will find almost everything you need to live more sustainably. This ranges from local products, to bicycle repairs and even a natural haircut. This circular center can be found in the Palazzo Verde on the New South in Antwerp.

Eighteen sustainable entrepreneurs have already been given a permanent place in Circuit Antwerp. A coffee shop, flower store, hair salon, bakery and various other stores welcome customers who are looking for sustainable, local products. In addition to the stores, there are several workshops that repair products and rent out reusable products. All entrepreneurs work with natural, sustainable products and put circularity at the heart of their way of working.

Besides the products and services of the stores, there are several other ways to learn more about sustainability or discover sustainable products at Circuit Antwerp. For example, the circus route leads visitors past various themed corners where they can discover sustainability in a creative way. The store's showcases display various sustainable products from local entrepreneurs. For events at a sustainable location, organizers can rent the multipurpose room. To promote sustainable products, Circuit Antwerp organizes group purchases where the products are available at a lower price.

Besides sustainability, there is room for social employment at Circuit Antwerp. For example, unskilled workers are given the opportunity to gain work experience.