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Fashion goes circular

At the moment, in Belgium textiles at the end of their lifecycle are incinerated in furnaces along with bulky refuse. Only a small part of these textiles are recycled in the neighbouring countries The CIRCLETEX project aims to build on the OVAM report on circular corporate textiles, which was published in 2017.

CIRCLETEX wants to join forces with all players in the chain of corporate clothing, protective clothing and flat linen to ascertain whether a system could be set up to repair, repurpose or recycle the textiles collected at the end of their lifecycle in these sectors.

  1. From an environmental and economic perspective, it is a waste to allow valuable raw materials to leave Europe.
  2. After all, it is difficult to find out what happens to these materials once they reach their final destinations in the Far East.
  3. Both from an economic and environmental point of view, it is not smart to ship these products to the highest international bidder. The same goes for these textiles being incinerated in local furnaces at the end of their lifecycle.

The fibres can be recycled and used to produce new corporate clothing, protective clothing, flat linen and other textile solutions. Therefore, the focus of this project is on product flows with well-known production methods, production chains and players. Several Flemish producers, dry cleaners and linen rental companies are active in this field. The merchants and collectors need to cooperate to get an insight into the technical challenges that textiles at the end of their lifecycle bring, and to find solutions for problems like mixed yarns and contamination. Companies specialising in unravelling various types of textile fibres will also be included in this partnership. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that materials in a circular chain are processed for use in the same sector. The recycling of textiles collected from local Flemish companies is hereby encouraged, which will undoubtedly result in additional job creation.

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