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C-Bouwers PRO

C-Bouwers raises awareness among non-circular contractors

‘C-Bouwers PRO’ was launched by Bond Beter Leefmilieu to strengthen the circular construction market. The target group consists of professional stakeholders in the construction sector who are not yet sufficiently familiar with the benefits and opportunities of circular construction, while property developers, contractors and producers actually play a key role in giving consumers access to circular construction.

We have noticed that professional players are unfamiliar with the circular principles or unable to turn them into circular construction solutions. Too little is known about circular construction and there are not enough products available on the market to make the shift to this type of construction in the short term. With ‘C-bouwers PRO’, Bond Beter Leefmilieu and its partners want to strengthen the offer by working as a team towards practical circular solutions and services via inspiring examples, assistance by circular experts and greater visibility for the professional circular network. By focusing on a professional target group of contractors, research agencies and producers who are unfamiliar with the topic, we aim to leverage the development of their in-house circular practices through a more extensive and more accessible offer.

  1. We assist construction professionals with their circular construction projects as part of construction consortia through workshops with circular construction experts.
  2. We are also developing a digital database of circular services, products and reference projects.
  3. We are setting up training programmes and developing roadmaps via a learning network, and aim to disseminate these tools on the professional construction market.
  4. We inspire the general public and the professional market via circular model projects with an interesting environmental lifecycle, profits and financial ROI models.

The aim of this project is to assist in the development of concrete circular projects by providing know-how, support and information to construction professionals in each construction phase. This allows for these aspects to be better documented on the C-Bouwers pro platform, and advise professionals through workshops with circular construction experts. A few pieces of the puzzle are being joined together, to be further developed in a more professional manner at a later stage.

Bond Beter Leefmilieu

Partners VUB Architectural Engineering, BAS Bouwen, VIBE, Dialoog vzw