Books in Belgium

A new lease of life for thousands of books

Most books are read only once (or not at all) and then left to languish on bookshelves for years. Second-hand book reseller Dieter Byttebier (31) and internet entrepreneur Michael van den Reym (30) think this is a real shame. Inspired by the up-and-coming sharing economy, they launched the website Books in Belgium, a specialised online platform where anyone can easily and safely buy and sell second-hand books.

Books in Belgium acts as a mediator between the sellers and purchasers of these books. As a seller, you can easily and quickly offer your books online. All you need to do is wait for an interested buyer. Shoppers can browse a vast assortment of second-hand books online and enjoy all the benefits of a modern webshop.

Create a seller profile on Books in Belgium to put your books up for sale in just ten seconds. You can search for book titles or international standard book numbers (ISBN) to instantly view all the details on a specific book. Enter the price and condition of your book, and that’s it. The ads are managed automatically and the administrative handling is also automatic. You can put up your books for sale online free of charge and as a seller, you receive 91% of the sale price.

However, not everything is done online: the local and social component is safeguarded as much as possible. After all, in the founders’ experience, people like to buy in their direct environment, not only to save on shipping costs, but also to meet with other book lovers and to support local merchants. Therefore, Books in Belgium offers the option of local pick-up and payment on site.

Books in Belgium has hit the ground running since its beta launch in March 2016. The platform now offers over 155,000 books online, from recent novels to antique books that are hundreds of years old. They are sold by both professional traders and private bookworms and collectors.