Bond Beter Leefmilieu

Training of C-consultants, experienced (re)building consultants with a circular reflex

Circular construction is gradually gaining ground. Yet the majority of builders and renovators ignore the principle. And people who are convinced, find it difficult to find information and certainly no answers to their specific questions. Bond Beter Leefmilieu wants to tackle that problem by training C-consultants and setting up a C-builders platform.

Enriching existing advisory processes with circular advice
Advisors from the Provincial Support Centres for Sustainable Living and Building, Energy Shops and Intercommunales provide thousands of pieces of tailored advice to enthusiastic builders and renovators every year. The energy-saving aspect is never forgotten. But the circular reflex is not there yet.
That is why Bond Beter Leefmilieu and VIBE are launching the 'C-consultants' project. The aim of this project is, together with the existing advisors, to develop advisory processes that can be immediately incorporated into the initiatives on sustainable and energy efficient building with which they are already familiar. In this way they will also be able to provide builders and renovators with a circular answer to their traditional building and renovation questions.

From advice to action
And that's not all. Bond Beter Leefmilieu and VIBE do not want to leave builders out in the cold after the advice. On the contrary, they want to give them a push in the back to actually start working in a circular way. Because there are many initiatives, tools and information available, but everything is scattered and hard to find.
That is why the Society for a Better Environment is building the C-platform. On this platform, which builds on the platform of C-Builders Pro, builders will find basic information about circular building. In addition, the platform will offer them inspiration and also all kinds of info orienting them towards useful products, services and building professionals.

Thanks to C-advisers and the C-platform, Flemish builders who step into a 'traditional' advisory trajectory will also be informed knowledgeably about circular building.