BioOrg Metatecta nv

Thanks to the good bacteria of the BioOrg spray method, you clean faster, cheaper and healthier.

Thanks to BioOrg, cleaning is faster, cheaper and healthier. The innovative spray method covers the area with a BioFilter to cleverly clean air and surfaces. This filter holds back dirt, so you don't have to clean as often, even after use.

Cleaning is not one of our favourite activities because it is inefficient, expensive and intensive. Thanks to BioOrg, you can swap the bucket for a spray and no longer need to use water or detergents. The spray places a natural BioFilter over the environment, which breaks down dust, dirt and odour. This means that less dust remains after use. That is why you have to clean up to 50% less and thus save a lot of costs.

How does Spray Clean work? Spray Clean is a ready-to-use, universal solution for both visible surface contamination and dust and fine dust in all types of environments. The spray contains beneficial bacteria that form a natural BioFilter and stop dirt in its tracks. Therefore, no chemicals or water are needed for cleaning, even with heavy industrial soiling. The spray method also saves time and puts less strain on your back.

You can put together your ideal product via the website First, choose what you need the product for: large or small spaces, HVAC, an industrial environment or 'specials' such as pets or textiles. Then you choose what you want to treat. This can be anything from fabric to deep cleaning or just everything at once. Finally, the website explains how and why you can use the product, in what kind of rooms and what the specific advantages of your chosen product are.