Biobased Creations

Meet your circular living environment of the future

Biobased Creations is a creative studio focused on translating circular concepts through punchy storytelling, projects and installations. They did this again: together with 100 pioneers from the world of circular and biobased building, they came up with 'The Exploded View Beyond Building'.

The exhibition was constructed in the shape of a house, designed and manufactured entirely from biobased materials. In total, more than 100 natural building materials were incorporated. These materials can be found in food, (sewage) water, soil, funghi and even our own living environment. "Materials of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow" according to designer Pascal Leboucq. The house that was built full-size can be walked through while seeing, feeling and smelling all the materials.

The Exploded View Beyond Building stems from a collaboration of and research by builders, producers, farmers, scientists, designers, governments, knowledge institutes, storytellers and artists. Together, they were united under the name 'The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building'. The group is always working on new perspectives for sustainable building and living and is researching new biobased materials with high design quality and circular building methods.

The ultimate goal is to get designers, builders but also residents to think about the future, a future where circular and bio-based building becomes the standard, also for building on a large scale.