Giving Walls a Second Life

Thanks to the BEDDELEEM Circular project, walls that have already had a life are being reused in new constructions. BEDDELEEM's JB® system walls are designed in such a way that they can easily be given a second life in various ways, because the full and glazed walls are made up of components that can be combined with each other or complemented and supplemented with new elements from the collection. BEDDELEEM takes care of the entire process in this regard.

BEDDELEEM's JB® system walls are designed for reuse, as the CERFF and Cradle to Cradle Certified® certifications prove. As a manufacturer and contractor, BEDDELEEM is the perfect link to give those system walls a second life in a variety of ways: again as a wall, as a wall in a different arrangement, as components, as a refurbished item, ... . The systems are designed to be compatible so that the elements can be interchanged or supplemented with new elements from the collection, further increasing their lifespan.

For more than 30 years, BEDDELEEM has been working on life extension with their After Sales Service. In 2021, the BEDDELEEM Circular project was also launched with a project-based analysis where wall systems via Urban Mining are reintroduced into the ReUse range after quality control. This operation was continued and today BEDDELEEM can still give new life to their quality system walls and doors in this way. Where necessary with an upgrade of the technical performance.

By working in this way, BEDDELEEM can extend the life of its own products even further and unnecessary energy for conversion or recycling is deferred, resulting in a lower environmental impact. BEDDELEEM became the very first Belgian construction company to obtain CO2-neutral certification in August 2021. Sustainability is anchored in their mission & vision and continued in all projects and realisations.