Revitalizing rubber, revolutionizing sustainability

Broken inner tubes currently disappear into incinerators as residual waste. To still give them a second life, Beband collects them at one of its 2,500 collection points. By upcycling the rubber, Beband contributes to a more sustainable future.

Inner tubes are designed to withstand extreme conditions of use: they are durable, strong and waterproof. Yet they are no longer repaired at the end of their useful life. Collected broken inner tubes quickly cost bicycle repairers 450 euros a year in waste.

That is why Beband brings together some 2,800 partners, consisting of about 1,700 bicycle makers and 1,100 moped garages. Together, they create 2,500 collection points where they can upcycle up to 4,500 tonnes of inner tubes.

The rubber from which the inner tubes are made can be reused in various ways: as roofing, gloves, belts, insulation and much more. Beband therefore offers toiletry bags, pen bags, wallets and other handy bags on its website, all made with the rubber from inner tyres.