Bazar Cezar


With Bazar Cezar, Tine helps young parents make choosing sustainable clothing easier. Based on their needs and preferences, she puts together packages of clothes that children can put on to look good or romp around in.

In her company Bazar Cezar, Tine puts together tailor-made second-hand clothing packages for children aged 1 to 10. With her slogan "a pack of convenience", she wants to show that she wants to make it easier for young parents to make conscious and sustainable choices. By limiting time for clothing choices, young parents can free up more time for their family and their to-do's.

Parents specify what they need themselves so that packs can be put together personally. They choose certain colours, prints or styles. In this way, Bazar Cezar wants to encourage the sustainable use of clothing. The 'good for the day packs' are full of clothes that are still in good condition, while the romper packs offer clothes with minimal imperfections that are given a second life.