Babylone Beer

Beer from unsold bread

A whopping 12% of total food waste is bread. And fresh bread at that. That is why Babylone was created by the Brussels Beer Project: a beer brewed from recycled fresh bread. The name of the beer refers to the Babylonians, who also brewed their beer based on bread 7000 years ago.
Babylone is the result of a collaboration between the Brussels Beer Project and Coduco, Delhaize and Atelier Groot Eiland. Delhaize offers daily fresh bread. Unsold bread is collected by Atelier Groot Eiland, processed into flour and packaged, after which the Brussels Beer Project starts brewing with it. To guarantee freshness, the processing takes place on the same day.

The bread replaces part of the grain. With 500 kilos of collected bread the brewers can brew 4000 liters of beer.

Bier van onverkocht brood