Smart software prevents empty containers on the road

Avantida makes better use of containers by enabling them to be reused permanently and by adopting a more flexible approach to planning through collaboration with multiple shipping and transport companies.

Every year, over 20 million containers circulate across the globe. It is estimated that one in five travels empty, which translates in a loss of 15 to 30 billion euro for shipping companies. That is were Avantida comes in: this initiative makes better use of containers by enabling them to be reused over and over again by multiple shipping and transport companies.

Avantida works with the reUse app as a neutral mediator between shipping and transport companies. Once a container has been unloaded in one location, it can immediately set off for the next client to be reloaded for export. In the past, empty containers had to return to port first. Transport companies can check online whether any cargo needs to be picked up near the initial destination. Shipping companies can then accept or reject the request with a single click.

Meanwhile, almost 2,500 transport companies and logistics service providers in Europe, and 12 businesses and shipping companies worldwide are using the Avantida platform. Thanks to the reUse app, the shipping and transport companies avoided four million kilometres of pointless travel in just one year. That equals 100,000 trips.

Meanwhile, the reUse app has been extended with other applications that allow for even more flexible and efficient container usage.