Atlas Copco / OriginAir

With OriginAir, Atlas Copco gives old air compressors a second life after a thorough overhaul, inspection and testing.

OriginAir is an Atlas Copco project where used air compressors undergo a thorough overhaul and are then sold as nearly new. This gives the machines a second life, while maintaining the same reliability as a brand new model.

Old air compressors are often tucked away or disappear into landfill. And yet they may still be perfectly usable after a thorough inspection. That is the idea behind OriginAir, an Atlas Copco programme. Used air compressors are bought and then treated with the expertise and product knowledge of the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The available updates and modifications ensure that the product meets the strictest requirements in terms of energy efficiency and safety. Only after extensive testing do the machines receive their certificate from OriginAir. This proves the high standards of a trusted brand in terms of quality, reliability and worldwide service support.

Each machine that comes in is inspected separately and handled as an individual project, depending on the specifications provided. All machines can thus be adapted to work optimally for the new owner. Afterwards, they are sold with a two-year warranty.