Upcycled panels, from demolition to acoustic solutions

The Acoustics Factory uses panels from suspended ceilings from demolition sites and gives them a second life as acoustic panels. They take care of the entire logistics: from demolition and transport to upcycling, acoustic measurement and installation.

When buildings are demolished, much of the material disappears into landfills. Yet more and more initiatives are looking for ways to give those materials a second life. Acoustics Factory does that with panels from suspended ceilings from demolition sites in the Brussels region, as close as possible to their own workshop to reduce transport.

They select the panels for usability, quality, aesthetics and edition and then go and demolish them themselves. Arriving at the workshop, the panels undergo quality control, after which they are cleaned, trimmed and prepared. The customer chooses the finish: a certain shape or colour, anything is possible.

To get the panels to the customer, the Acoustics Factory packs them in reusable packaging material and takes care of delivery and installation itself. Afterwards, Acoustic Factory does another acoustic measurement, so they can clearly demonstrate afterwards how the acoustics of the room have improved.

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