Actie Bouwbedrijven Circulair

Making circular construction accessible to contractors

We want to convince SME construction companies to build with circularity and to inform them about how they can put this into practice. The available documentation on circular construction in Flanders is now aimed above all at designers and clients, and less at the contractor. We want to fill this gap. We want to filter the current information to suit their needs while providing practical solutions for specific problems. More specifically, we want to offer a few solutions for each of five themes/target groups, i.e. for roofs, outer walls, windows, installations and finishing. We present them concisely and clearly in customised training material, such as training courses based on models, technical sheets, videos, etc.

This will also allow the more traditional contractors to implement the proposed solutions for customers quickly. This also goes for solutions on a very small scale (such as ways to recover existing windows or bricks in a renovation project). The aim of this approach is to accelerate integration into existing practice.